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There certainly was a fantastic buzz at WT in Dubai in December with the event attracting a record number of visitors from over 80 different countries establishing Dubai as very popular venue for an international tobacco show. This was the fifth in the series of Middle East tobacco events organised by Quartz Business Media and has proved to be most successful to date in regard to the number of exhibitors and visitors. The quality of the visitors who attended was deemed very high, with 36% at c-suite/director level. The next in this series of these events will take place in 2017 on November 28-29 where  over 65% of the exhibition space has been reserved  by returning participants.

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Hubble, bubble, and save yourself the trouble

In the home of the hookah, water-pipe related novelties are only to be expected, and WT Middle East looks as if it will not disappoint. A large proportion of the show’s exhibitors cater for the global shisha market and many of these will be introducing new products.

ATP, a division of the Hauni group, will present its innovative, fuss-free shisha capsules at the event. “The benefits are obvious,” ATP told TJI, “capsules transform smoking shisha from a relatively complicated, time-consuming and sticky affair to a clean and fast way for beginners and experienced users to enjoy their shisha whenever they want.” To discover more, visit ATP at Stand I10.

Going Coco

Coconut charcoal for shisha smoking has been gaining in popularity in recent years as it burns for longer than traditional charcoal and is more eco-friendly.

SoeX India’s Coco-lite line is now a well-established coconut charcoal brand. Produced using only 100 per cent coconut shells, it burns longer than conventional shisha briquettes and leaves about 75 per cent less ash, according to the company. SoeX says it now plans to launch a new shape charcoal under its coconut charcoal brand called Coco-Lite Flat and invites interested parties to visit the company at Stand J01 to find out more…

Networking within the exhibition Lots of fantastic products on display


An emphasis on eco-friendliness is not only apparent in the shisha branch. Cigarette paper producer, Miquel y Costas, is planning to promote its new line of organic rolling papers called Smoking Organic at this year’s WT Middle East show.

According to the company, the eco-friendly, unbleached, ultra fine 13g paper is made from 100 per cent bio-certified hemp, is organically grown and is free from pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilisers. Smoking Organic will be available in regular, medium, king size and rolls, the company told TJI. Visit Stand K11 to find out more.

Vandenberg Special Products is also offering a ‘free-from’ paper product. The company, known for its cone shaped cigarette paper wrappers, will be exhibiting its natural paper Cones in Dubai this December. “This new range varies from consumer line to bulk boxes,” the company explained, “natural paper is free from any chloride and is therefore a better smoke.”

Hauni highlights

The Hauni network is known for providing machinery, software and consulting services which help companies in the tobacco industry develop and optimise their products. The network – consisting of Hauni, Decouflé, Garbuio Dickinson, Borgwaldt KC, Borgwaldt Flavor, Sodim, ATP and ASL – covers the whole production line from Primary to Secondary over Quality Control, Blending and Analytical Services. Their innovations on display at WT Middle East are ample, and include Decouflé’s Nano Maker Platform, latest developments in quality control equipment by Sodim and Borgwaldt as well as Borgwaldt Flavor’s flavour solutions.

Come along and have your business meetings within the exhibition Seating areas are available for you to use while you are visiting

Packaging – that extra something

With so many varieties and flavours of shisha tobacco on display in Dubai, a stylish tin in which to keep it all may well come in useful. How convenient, then, that Hoffmann the Tin should have developed just that. The company’s Alrayan tin, which it describes as “a high-quality tinplate container for hookah tobacco”, was nominated for Swiss Packaging Award's Design category and will be on show in Dubai. According to the company, “the aroma-proof hybrid tin’s precision-fit plastic lining and the metal screw-on lid were just some of the features that won over the jury members.”

Chic packaging solutions are not only reserved for shisha tobacco, however. Swiss manufacturer of coatings and surface finishing products for packaging and labels in the tobacco and food sectors, Schmid Rhyner, will present a number of its “specialities” at the WT show. These include its “UV tactile effects, such as relief, microstructure, 3D-coatings and our unique dual cure soft touch,” the company told TJI.

Producer of BOPP and cellulose films, Innovia, will also be present some new packaging products at the Dubai show. “At World Tobacco we will be promoting our expanded range of clear collation films,” the company said. “Innovia holds a leading position with its coated collation films Propafilm SRC and RC. New uncoated collation films Propafilm SNC and NC are now established in the market, with thinner grades coming along to provide even more cost savings. Pack overwrap films include the standard range of 16, 18um, 20 and 25um films, new printable grades and films for easy removal from the pack.”

Innovia will also be displaying its new OPP films for inner liners and labels and its NatureFlex renewable and compostable films for pack wrap, collation, labels for soft packs and tobacco pouches. “Digital printable label films also feature,” the company added.

Akyurek Kardesler

Family-run business, Akyurek Kardesler, has been manufacturing seed conditioning and processing equipment in Mersin, Turkey since 1970.

The company offers technological solutions and equipment to processing plants in the seed, grain, pulse, cereal and dry leguminous industries, and ships it to over 60 countries worldwide. Akyurek employs 340 staff at its 38,000m2 facility in Mersin.

After conducting a market research study in its main export countries, Akyurek decided to launch a Primary Manufacturing Department (PMD) line for the global tobacco industry. The company began to produce tobacco machinery at the end of 2014. Its equipment includes a slicer, DCC-C, dryer, silos, feeder, metal detector band and conveyor band.

The company says: “Akyurek’s distinguishing feature has been commitment and flexibility to specific product processing techniques and suitable equipment for its turnkey projects. Akyurek’s four decades of seed processing expertise combined with technological manufacturing ability managed to add cutting edge advantages to today’s PMD processing equipment with distinguishing features.” For further information visit akyurektobacco.com or stop by Stand E15.

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Brook General Trading

Like the host city, Brook General Trading specialises in international trade. Founded in 1996 in Sharjah, Dubai’s neighbouring emirate, the company says it “works hard to maintain good values and share success with its clients.” Its transport network covers mainly the Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Since 2003, the company has also been an official agent of the British American Tobacco Group (BAT) in Turkmenistan.

In addition to acting as an agent to the tobacco industry and to providing global shipping services, Brook General Trading is also an owner of the “Pure” cigarettes brand, which is marketed and distributed across the Middle East and in the CIS region.

According to the company, “Pure cigarettes contain a solution of nicotine which is manufactured using the highest-quality ingredients including pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.”

The company also works with the biggest leading manufacturer of coconut charcoal briquette for shisha in Indonesia. Brook says its “CocoUrth” charcoal has a high calorific value, no added chemicals added and is made only from the most organic materials. Visit the company at Stand A45.

China Tobacco Guizhou Industrial

Also exhibiting at a WT event for the first time is wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Tobacco Corporation, China Tobacco Guizhou Industry (also known as CTIC Guizhou). The company owns five cigarette factories and employs more than 10,000 people. Its activities include cigarette manufacturing, cigarette machine management and an import and export business.

According to Guizhou Industrial, its leading brand, Guiyan (Guojiuxiang), which has three product lines Guojiuxiang 30, Small Guojiuxiang, and Yuye, has become one of the most famous brands in the Chinese cigarette industry.

The brand “enjoys a great reputation among consumers due to the unique micro-ecological environment in Guizhou and innovative and advanced processing technology,” the company told TJI. Visit CTIC Guizhou at Stand E11.

Shikhar Group

Incorporated in the year 1994, the Shikhar Group is an India company and a leading manufacturer and supplier of mouth freshener, chewing tobacco and khaini. With facilities in Kanpur (U.P) and New Delhi, the company exports its products to, among others, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and a number of African nations.

The Group will be showcasing its complete range of products at the fair and says free samples will be available at its stand for guests, visitors and customers. For more details about the company’s products, visit shikhargroup.in or visit Mr. Sarvesh Agarwal at Stand M01.

Luoyang Changyi Industry and Trade

Another of the new arrivals in Dubai this December is Luoyang Changyi Industry and Trade. Hailing from the Yibin District of Luoyang City in central China, where its 5000 m2 factory and office facility is located, Luoyang Changyi is a manufacturer of papers and packaging materials. Established in 2010, the company supplies aluminium foil paper, tipping paper, BOPP film, tear tape and other raw materials to cigarette companies worldwide. Its products are also used in the wine, food, tea and pharmaceutical industries.

Within the domestic tobacco market, Luoyang Changyi is an authorised supplier to China Tobacco Henan Industry. Beyond China, the company exports its products to over 20 countries including Turkey, the UAE, Bulgaria, South Africa, Iran and Australia. Along with three advanced laminated cardboard printing lines, four aluminium foil paper production lines, Luoyang Changyi also runs cutting, rewinding and testing machines, Eric Yin of the company told TJI.

Visit the company's Stand – A55B – or their website to find out more: foilpaperboard.com.

KT&G / Kardien

WT Dubai Middle East sees the debut of the largest tobacco company in South Korea at a World Tobacco fair. Based in Daejeon, South Korea’s fifth largest city, the company was founded in 1899 and developed into the national government-owned tobacco monopoly later known as Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation. In 2002, the company was privatised and changed its name to KT&G. It is now the fifth largest tobacco company in the world. Manufacturer of quality measurement equipment, Kardien, is an affiliated company of KT&G. At WT Middle East, the company will be showcasing the Kardien CCST-1 (a capsule compressive strength tester equipped with 5 channels), the Kardien Test-Station (a PLC-based cigarette and filter quality tester designed to minimize machine maintenance), as well as flavour capsules and primary materials. Stand K10.

Hundred Percent Tobacco

Also appearing at a WT event for the first time will be Hundred Percent Tobacco.

Based in Dubai, the company specialises in natural cigarettes. It claims its cigarette brand, Volta, made from unbleached paper, is the world's most natural and quickest bio-degrading cigarette. The company will be introducing its Volta “shots” size at the World Tobacco fair. “This is the most natural, compact cigarette ever made with the same level of impact as a king size cigarette,” the company said. Visit them at Stand A3.

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