World Tobacco Europe 2016

Following the success of the 2013 event, WT Europe will return to Hamburg in 2016, building on the established community of exhibitors and visitors who are looking to do serious business throughout the three days of the event.

Bringing together leading experts, global suppliers and the highest level of purchasers, this is an event not to be missed. We are now looking for companies to join us in this new venture by taking a booth at this trade expo.

With a wealth of experience in delivering international events across the world, we will be attracting visitors from throughout Europe and beyond, who are looking for new solutions and products. 

The venue

Hamburg Messe is ideally located – the site in the heart of Hamburg is well structured, and benefits from ideal infrastructure. All the routes and connections are close together and logically arranged, making it easy for visitors, exhibitors and organisers to find their way around. CCH - Congress Center Hamburg is just a few minutes’ walk away, passing through a beautiful park landscape.

Official Disclaimer

NOTE:  By entering this event /attending the WT Europe 2016 Exhibition you confirm you accept and agree with the following:

  • Tobacco products may be tested within the Exhibition hall during event open hours only and you accept you are aware of this.
  • By attending this event you confirm you are happy to be in an environment where tobacco products may be tested.
  • By entering the hall you confirm and agree you accept that some tests may cause smoke to be inhaled passively by yourself and others.
  • If you choose to test samples , its undertaken by your own free will.
  • All information relating to your wellbeing and future health in relation to the products you choose to sample is your responsibly to find out and confirm with the vendor.
  • No Food or drink consumption can take place in the exhibition hall during open days due to product testing – as governed by the venue’s legal obligation.